Gerard and Gumno

Fog as thick as pea soup wafted through the small harbor as the ‘Fearless Catfish’ landed after a two month journey. There was not much space since nobody expected their return this early but Captain Gumno Tiforté managed. He somehow always did. Wood creacked and crackled as the ship squeezed inbetween two others.

Two figures, just vaguely visible, left the ship: one strangely tall and thin, the other one smaller with something heavy in their arms. “Do not worry about it.”, the latter one said. “We just need to track the one down who sold me the book and he will return everything to normal, I am sure of it.” Even if he himself was not turned into a humanoid fish, Gerard L‘Astucieux worried a lot. He had grown fond of Captain Gumno and his crew even if he could now make a fortune by selling them to one of his business associates; he could very well create his own Cabinet of Curiosities! But he would of course never do that.

“Do not worry. If we can not find him, I am sure I can fix this myself. I think I am getting the hang of some of this… this runes already. Watch!”

Gerard and Gumno were created in Character Design over the course of three weeks. The task was to model two rough Maquettes with Super Sculpey of a player character and his side kick. The theme was ‘Dodendrenkelkarkhoff’ (graveyard for the shipwrecked): In a dark night five persons leave a ship: a man, a woman, a child, an animal and a lost soul. We should pick two of them to create our characters. I picked the man and the lost soul.

Based on photos of the Maquettes a character illustration should be made. Ideally the characters should be developed for a 3D game. There were three steps in this process: the modeling of the Maquettes, the grey value illustration and the final, colored illustration with a rough background.



Gerard L‘Astucieux was born of a family of successful tradesmen. Gerard is very eager to become a successful tradesman of his own so he specialized in buying and selling curiosities. May it be a strange artifact from a foreign culture, a taximerdized, two headed snake or an old presumably magical book.

The latter one is what made him undertake the long journey from France to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He had not enough money for a luxurious ship so he hired Captain Gumno Tiforté and his crew to undertake the voyage.

After he got a hold of his sea sickness, Gerard spend the evenings on deck, chatting with the Captain and became friends with him. Together they obtained the book.

On another evening as their journey seemed to come to an end, they celebrated with too much wine. Gumno challenged Gerard to recite something from the book he was so eager to get and Gerard complied. The next morning the young tradesman awoke with a terrible headache and the stench of fish and clams surrounding him.



gumnoSince he was a little boy, Gumno Tiforté longed for adventures. To go to sea, fighting off pirates and giant octupae seemed to be his one true calling. He signed on at a caravel to become one day a great captain. In reality he had to pack and secure goods and scrub the deck all day long. But he always gave his best.

He would have scrubbed for an eternity if fate hadn’t sent a huge saber tooth octopus their way, or so Gumno claims. The creature tried to grab the ship but could not get a hold on the thoroughly polished wood. Thus the crew was saved thanks to Gumnos hard work. The then-captain thanked him by giving him his ship and title, whilst the crew gave him their undying loyalty.

Since this incident… not much has changed. Gumno had to take rather ordinary contracts to maintain his ship and crew.